New ACPOHE competency framework aims to boost careers in occupational health

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE) has worked with the CSP to develop a new framework of competence for occupational health.

The framework outlines the behaviours, knowledge and skills required by physiotherapists to work in this field.

It is hoped that the framework will provide a recognisable pathway for individual practitioners seeking to develop a career in occupational health.

Nicola Hunter, past chair of ACPOHE, encouraged delegates at the ACPOHE conference in May to map their behaviours, knowledge and skills against the framework to inform their professional development.

‘You can use the framework to sit down with your job description and workout where you are now in your career,’ said Ms Hunter.

‘It can help you evaluate if you are being challenged. Or if you should be looking for your next role.’

Ms Hunter said managers could use the framework to define the roles and responsibilities of their team and provide a clear career development pathway.

She added that ACPOHE tutors could map course learning objectives to the framework and feed back into the tool new areas of knowledge.

The new framework is available by logging in to the members’ zone of the ACPOHE website, at:

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