More graduates finding jobs

Eighty three per cent of last year’s physiotherapy graduates surveyed have found a job in the profession, latest CSP figures show.

There are now far more UK physio graduates finding employment within a few months compared with two years ago, the survey of 2008 graduates found. The results show further improvement in the employment position of newly qualified physiotherapists in most of the UK, reflecting the ongoing positive initiatives being taken, as well as the impact of CSP campaigning. Commenting on the findings, CSP chief executive Phil Gray said: ‘This is great news. It is the result of long and hard campaigning by many people in the CSP, and persuading decision makers to take action. ‘It also reflects the Society’s increasing success in making the case for physiotherapy and its ability to deliver clinical and cost-effective solutions in healthcare.’ CSP director of industrial relations and union services Lesley Mercer added: ‘The latest results demonstrate how effective partnership working can be where there is a genuine commitment on all sides. ‘In England, for example, the CSP has worked in partnership with employers and the Department of Health at national, regional and local level to bring about this progress.’ However, despite the improved situation, the Society said the graduate employment issue must remain a high priority for the government and health authorities, as the survey had also revealed there is still a substantial percentage (22 per cent) with only a short-term contract and nearly one in 10 graduates is still looking for their first physiotherapy job. The situation appears to be steadily improving, but it is not clear how many of the current short-term and bank contracts may translate into permanent posts. The situation for graduates is slightly different in each UK country, with graduates in Northern Ireland facing the most difficulties in finding work, with only 52 per cent employed and 39 per cent still job seeking. Wales fared best with 87 per cent in jobs, closely followed by Scotland at 81 per cent, then England with 79 per cent. The survey is based on information from just under 80 per cent of the 2008 cohort. In total, the figures show of the 2,377 physiotherapists who graduated in 2008 across the UK: • 83 per cent are employed • 61 per cent have permanent jobs • 22 per cent have short-term jobs • 8 per cent are not looking for jobs • 9 per cent are still looking for a job
Louise Hunt

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