Mapping MSK disorders

The CSP will run a major MSD awareness campaign through its national safety rep network this year, to help tackle the increasing problem of musculoskeletal disorders suffered by physiotherapists.

Safety reps around the country will be meeting with CSP members and potential members, this summer, to discuss and identify the symptoms and causes of MSDs. More physiotherapists working alone, an increase in the number of bariatric patients without sufficient resources to treat them, and greater patient throughput to hit waiting times, may all have influenced the level of MSDs experienced by physios.  CSP safety reps now have access to an electronic MSD resource pack from the CSP website.  This pack provides information and guidance on carrying out a body-mapping exercise, which involves displaying a front and back body outline and members putting a sticker or a coloured mark on to it to show any symptoms that that they may have.  The pack also includes advice on how to work with managers in taking preventative action. Safety reps are now undergoing training on body-mapping, a proven inspection technique for identifying members’ MSD problems.

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