Letters - 6 March 2013

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Touching Concern

What a thoughtful CPD article by Gwyn Owen (‘A Question of Touch’, Frontline, 6 February).

Time and again in private practice I meet patients who have seen NHS physios and been given exercise sheets, and rarely do they follow them.

Asked why, they say it’s partly because they don’t know how to do the exercises properly because they were never actually observed doing the exercises and corrected.

The other reason is that individual adherence issues (such as family situation and time management) were never explored or discussed.  

Yet there’s over 30 years of international physiotherapy research which shows that addressing such adherence is crucial.

Maybe time not touch is the real issue? My experience is that it takes time to explore and overcome barriers to adherence.  
Andrew Scott

Journal lament

I was disappointed to read that the Physiotherapy journal is only going to be available online.

I am amazed that we as a  profession allowed this to happen so quietly.

I wonder how many of us read the journal when we have a spare few minutes between patients, in the staff room, on the bus, or even in the bath!

I cannot see myself sitting at the computer to read it unless it’s a very interesting and relevant piece of research.
Rachel Marffy

James Hale, CSP director of marketing and communications, responds:The promotion of the switch to Physiotherapy access online began last September through Frontline and the CSP website.

The move to online availability provides members with enhanced features to aid research and continuing professional development, as well as being far more integrated with CSP’s new research strategy.

For members who experience difficulty in accessing Physiotherapy online, there will be a limited number of print copies available. 

Rosie LLoyd retires

We would like to acknowledge the dedication, help and support stewards and members have received from Rosie Lloyd, our senior negotiating officer who has just retired.

Rosie, you will be deeply missed.  
North east stewards and members

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