How I use my student membership

Rebecca Kay shares how she’s made use of her CSP membership during the first year of her studies

Rebecca Kay, First year MSc student at Birmingham City University

I joined the CSP as a student member ten months ago in the first term of my MSc and have, so far, experienced a lot of benefits, from accessing information about common conditions to free online courses. There’s a wealth of resources I have access to.

Upon joining I received the Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook (by Kenyon and Kenyon) as a free gift, which helped me immensely in the run up to exams. It’s also been a useful reference tool for finding information on dermatomes, special tests, origins and insertions.

My first modules at university were Foundations of Physiotherapy and Neuromusculoskeletal Integrated Practice. Having access to the Pocketbook’s information about MSK conditions such as arthritis and backpain and rehabilitation was especially useful during this time.

I also enjoyed the Public and patient information section of the CSP's website. Its primary aim is to answer common questions patients may have, however, I found reading it gave me an insight into patients’ barriers to exercise.

I’m fairly new to the physiotherapy world, so seeing responses such as ‘I don’t have time or motivation to exercise’ and ‘I’m in too much pain to exercise’prompted me to think about how I might approach similar situations on a future placement.

Another resource I have made use of is the iCSP (interactive CSP). I have joined a number of groups I have a special interest in, such as the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) diversity network and the iCSPs on Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy, Students and Musculoskeletal.

I found that reading [the pocketbook] gave me an insight into patient’s barriers to exercise

Following these networks helps me to stay up to date in areas of physiotherapy that interest me. Some networks have a WhatsApp group where further resources and information are shared.

A few weeks ago, a link was shared to an MSK leadership programme for qualified physiotherapists.

While this isn’t an option for me right now, it is encouraging to know that programmes like this could be an option post-graduation.

  • Rebecca Kay, First year MSc student at Birmingham City University

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