Help needed to expand trial

A team of physios who have developed a system to treat and measure pain amplification in children are looking for other physio departments to help trial their system.

The paediatric physiotherapy team at Southampton University Hospitals trust has developed a pain amplification and disability function score, which it says has helped standardise the assessment and treatment of the condition, while providing an objective measurement that allows them to evaluate  the effectiveness of their approach. The team piloted the Southampton Pain Amplification and Disability Function Score over one year with 12 patients, and they found that all patients showed clinical improvement over that time. Now the team wants to increase the size of their trial, which is difficult at their trust because of the small number of referrals they receive with this condition. Senior paediatric physiotherapist Esther Bhullar said: ‘There are only a few regional centres that receive a large number of referrals, and it would be great if they could pilot the SPADF.’ Anyone interested should contact
Graham Clews

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