Funding up for grabs

CSP members can now apply for CSP charitable trust funding for continuing professional development through accredited courses, conference presentations and overseas development projects.

Starting this year, the two-year experience and membership requirements for applicants have been removed, so recent graduates are now eligible to apply for funding. Members undertaking nationally accredited courses, such as higher degrees, clinical courses and Open University courses, can apply for funding for expenses such as course fees, books, travel and subsistence. Last year, the trust awarded over £29,000 to 55 members for education courses. Associate members can apply for funding towards accredited courses helping them in their careers as physiotherapy assistants. A diploma in anatomy and physiology was among courses awarded funding last year. Qualified members can also apply for two awards of up to £3,500 through the new international development award, to support education and development projects between the UK and member countries of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy in the developing world. The UK presentation fund makes awards to members giving presentations at UK conferences, and the international lecture fund makes awards to UK-based members presenting at overseas conferences. In addition, the Baroness Robson travel scholarship makes awards to members travelling overseas for educational or research purposes. However, this does not include taught courses available in the UK. FURTHER INFORMATION Further information and application forms can be obtained from the CSP website at

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