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We know that there’s so much creativity and innovation happening with placements right now but we know that it isn’t yet the norm.

That’s a shame because as we’ve said right from our first practice-based learning campaign back in 2017, these type of placements are not here to plug gaps but are absolutely necessary and relevant – supporting the next generation to develop the skills needed in the newly qualified workforce.

And while we are making this shift, as employers and managers, there’s a responsibility to be true to what’s been requested, and welcomed by the profession at large – graduates who have had the opportunity to develop the transferable skills, who are able to learn quickly and move into areas they haven’t yet experienced with c a solid foundation.

For those of you who are already on board and are sitting reading this thinking… ‘actually we offer something pretty great too!’ then please let us know.

Share your examples with CSP and the rest of the profession by using the practice-based learning portal. We’d love to know what you’re doing.

It takes 10 minutes to complete, you’ll be helping us to build a growing repository for others to learn from.

Or if you need a little more inspiration, head to the portal, there are other examples to read about as well as more detail on the practicalities involved with the delivery. Do check back in periodically, there are more examples coming in all the time.

And a final word – remember, even if a placement idea hasn’t been tried before, there’s nothing stopping you being the first to set it up!

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