Fair Pay for CSP members

The physiotherapy profession has taken historic industrial action. NHS physio staff start striking – with more to follow this month

Fair Pay
[Illustration: Mike Stonelake]

Over 4,200 CSP members– employed by 30 NHS trusts across England – were called to strike on 26 January.

And a second day of strikes at an additional 32 trusts is due to follow on 9 February, as part of the ongoing dispute over NHS pay and retention.

All eight health boards in Wales have also secured a strike mandate.

The CSP will announce further dates in England and Wales if no improved offer is forthcoming from respective governments.

The industrial action followed the CSP achieving mandates to strike in 119 NHS employers across England through ballots held at the end of last year.

The CSP participated in talks with the government last month, but the lack of a concrete offer meant there was no option but to announce strike action.

Industrial action - FAQs

Why was the first day of industrial action limited to 30 trusts in England?

CSP Council has agreed a rolling programme of strike days, starting with 30 trusts on 26 January and 32 different trusts on 9 February.

A further two dates are likely to be announced later in February and March if the dispute continues.

This allows us to keep the profile of industrial action by CSP members at the forefront without asking members to individually take more than one day of action at this stage.

It also allows us to provide more support to members on each day.

When will members at my employer be called to strike?

We will announce the group of trusts where strike action is taking place at least 14 days before each day of action. It is a legal requirement that we have to give employers 14 days’ notice.

What will physio services look like on the day we are striking?

We intend to maintain an emergency respiratory on call service throughout any days of strike action – in line with our commitment to always provide ‘critical to life’ services

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