Equality and Diversity Toolkit

Comprehensive guidance and advice on equality issues will be provided by the CSP’s first Equality and Diversity Toolkit, due to be launched this week.

The 160-plus page document is a practical guide for CSP stewards, managers and members, which brings together information and guidance on equality legislation and best practice in a user-friendly way. The toolkit, produced following consultation with CSP members and stewards, looks at each of the main equality strands, and at how discrimination may be experienced. Each section outlines what protection is provided by law and by employer policies, and includes exercises designed for CSP managers and stewards to use at physiotherapy staff meetings to broaden members’ understanding of the issues and to encourage discussion. The document will be available on the CSP website, and hard copies are being sent to one steward and one senior physiotherapy manager in each NHS organisation across the UK. CSP chair Ann Green, said: ‘Sometimes equality can seem just like an optional extra, or something that doesn’t affect us at a personal level, but the toolkit shows how it’s relevant to us all, and should be integrated into everything that we do.’  
Graham Clews

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