Editor's comment: real value in research

Evidence is at the heart of our profession, but how do we take research findings and use them to help individual patients (who often have multiple health conditions) in complex clinical settings? 

This question is central for all physiotherapists to ensure the care we offer is based on the best available evidence. Sharing examples of how physios have successfully used research to address real-life problems and make positive changes is a good place to start thinking about how we might achieve this in our own practice area.  

Our four-part Moving Forward feature,  offers practical insights into how to implement physio-related evidence from the NIHR-themed review to benefit you, your colleagues, your service and your patients. 

Each part considered the review from a different perspective. So far it has explored how to get involved in research, how to use the evidence to improve your own practice, and how to apply its principles to influence service redesign. The final article draws together benefits, challenges and top tips for embedding research into clinical practice. While Moving Forward focuses on musculoskeletal research, the insights and lessons shared are useful to us all, whichever area we work in or career stage we’re at. I certainly feel inspired by the physiotherapists and services who shared their experiences and hope you do too.    

  • Fran Hallam CSP research into practice officer

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