Editor's comment: patients – a tonic for toxic times

Sometimes I dread the arrival of mornings. 

The radio announces that it’s 06.30 – or rather a BBC voice sets the tone for the rest of the day – bad news, real or imagined – running the spectrum of first world mild discomfiture to real world misery and horror. So it was with real pleasure that I opened an email from physiotherapist Krishna Gundapudi which contained some positive news – a heartfelt expression of praise from stroke patient Terrence Goode (see V&O p24).

I am sure you will agree that Mr Goode writes eloquently about the debilitating effects of stroke, which is for most people a cruel and indiscriminate bolt from the blue. But he also offers his thanks and praise for the physios and occupational therapists at the Holywell Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Hertfordshire who are helping him to get back on his feet. 

And there is more positive patient feedback in this week’s issue.  

In the cover feature on the specialist neuro rehab team at Bart’s in London (p23) Danielle Chinnon talks about her struggle with chemotherapy and her joy in the physiotherapy which is also helping her to walk again. 

It’s always vital to keep sight of those little nuggets of positivity and optimism for they are very much the ‘real world’ of everyday life in caring professions.


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