CSP to issue guidance on training in simulation labs

The CSP is developing practice education guidance in response to the growing use in physiotherapy training of high-tech patient simulation laboratories.

Increasingly, lifelike mannequins that can simulate particular conditions are being used to support practice placements, explained Nina Paterson, CSP education adviser.

‘They don’t replace practice placements but they do give students the opportunity to experience situations they wouldn’t see often or reinforce practice in an area that they need to get a handle on,’ she said.

A number of universities such as Salford are using this technology as part of their physiotherapy undergraduate curriculums.

Helen Carruthers, physiotherapy lecturer at Salford University, said that levels five and six students were using the High Fidelity Patient Simulation Lab as part of the curriculum concerning assessing deteriorating patients and considering on-call physiotherapy practice.

Louise Hunt

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