CSP hits the headlines

News media around the world took up a CSP campaign last month highlighting the health damage caused by poor habits at work.

Some 200 reports about the CSP’s Fit for Work campaign appeared in national newspapers and magazines, GMTV, overseas publications such as the Times of India and the New Zealand Herald, and several trade- and work-related journals and websites. The campaign also achieved widespread coverage in regional media across all four countries of the UK. A copy of ‘Fit for active work’,  the latest public information leaflet produced as part of the CSP’s Move for Health campaign, was included as an insert in the last issue of Frontline. Members who have previously registered their interest in Move for Health on the CSP website will automatically receive 50 free copies of the leaflet. If you have not yet registered, visit www.csp.org.uk/moveforhealth and log in to complete the form at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to tick the box for leaflets and register by 16 July. Your free copies will arrive in August and further stock can be purchased using the order form on the CSP website.

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