‘The cost of living crisis affecting LGBTQIA+ workers’

We answer your questions about how the cost of living crisis is affecting LGBTQIA+ workers

Emma Kosmin
Emma Kosmin, Trades Union Congress (TUC) policy officer, equality and strategy

LGBTQIA+ workers are struggling in the face of the cost of living crisis – experiencing pay gaps, discrimination and higher household costs.

The LGBTQIA+ pay gap stands at circa 16 per cent, meaning that those workers are bringing home £6,700 less per year than non-LGBTQIA+ workers. 

Contrary to the myth of the ‘pink pound’ – that this community has more disposable income – LGBTQIA+ workers are in fact more likely to work in sectors such as culture, travel and hospitality – which were hit hard by the pandemic. Young LGBTQIA+ workers are on the frontline of low pay, zero hours contracts and job insecurity.

Of all the homeless people in the UK, one in four is LGBTQIA+. And many LGBTQIA+ people experience bullying and abuse. 

They also often have additional household costs such as fertility treatments, transition-related healthcare, and costs associated with moving to urban areas. 

Our research also shows that employers are not equipped to deal with the issues facing LGBTQIA+ workers. YouGov polling for the TUC last June found that only one in eight employers monitors their LGBTQIA+ pay gap.

And one in five (21 per cent) of workplaces do not have any policies in place to support their LGBTQIA+ staff.  

LGBTQIA+ workers need a pay rise, protection from harassment, and we need to get rid of the myth of the ‘pink pound’ once and for all. 

Would you like to attend TUC LGBT+ conference? 

The two-day event, taking place on 29 and 30 June in London, provides an opportunity for any LGBTQIA+ CSP member to shape the work of the TUC and affiliate trade unions. Each year, we send a small delegation to conference and submit motions on relevant topics. 

Alongside this, conference provides delegates with an opportunity to:

  • understand issues affecting trade unionists and workers in the UK and internationally.
  • have your voice heard – conference provides you with an opportunity to speak on issues affecting LGBTQIA+ people, healthcare and other issues.
  • hear keynote speakers.
  • attend fringe events and network.

Interested? Email caulfields@csp.org.uk

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