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Saying ‘thank you’ is an everyday politeness in our society.

But to hear it from someone who has been to hell and back, and wants to thank you for helping her reach her 29th birthday, is far from being an everyday experience.

Katie Piper’s address at this year’s CSP conference was – as we’d expected – inspirational.

Those of you who read her story in a previous Frontline (page 16, 19 September) will know what horrors she went through both during and after having acid thrown in her face.

Hearing this tiny, gorgeous-looking young woman tell CSP members how good it felt to be celebrating her birthday with them had many close to or even actually shedding tears.

Whatever your area of practice, I’m sure you all get ‘thank yous’ from time to time.

As the NHS Heroes awards show, your patients recognise what you do.

While it’s pleasing to be thanked, it’s part of your role always to respond professionally to those words, as you do to whatever condition a patient has.

You’ll already be familiar with the CSP’s Code of Professional Values and Behaviour.

This issue contains your guide to ensuring you provide a high quality service.

You can find out more on page 28 and in the accompanying Quality Assurance Standards leaflet.

At a time when so many of you face enormous difficulties, ensuring your service offers a high quality standard of care is more important than ever as you fight to win contracts.

The CSP’s annual conference offers many opportunities to draw on the evidence for what works in both established and emerging areas of practice.

It also offers a chance to take stock and to reflect.

Our reports, starting on page 14, give a flavour of the debates and presentations. You’ll find more stories online and in our next issue.

Maybe next year you’ll consider coming along? Put the date in your 2013 diary now: 11 to 12 October.

See you in Birmingham!

Lynn Eaton Managing editor, Frontline

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