Comment - A matter of concern to all

Many members will be left reeling at the news that this year’s pay rise, recommended by the Pay Review Body (PRB), has been torn into tatters by the Westminster government.

Rather than everyone in the NHS getting a one per cent pay increase, it will now only go to those at the top of their band. The rest will not receive any rise to reflect inflation.

This follows years of pay restraint in the NHS and comes at a time when everyone is struggling with increased prices – for energy, food and for transport.

Not everyone works in the NHS but, as Agenda for Change is an important benchmark for many private and third sector employers, the news should concern all CSP members.

By ignoring the PRB recommendations, the government has shown a total disregard for CSP members’ energy and expertise in trying to improve patient care against a backdrop of funding cuts and reorganisation.

The decision also undermines the PRB process. The CSP, alongside other unions, intends to fight the proposals.

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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