Comment - Just say ... ‘YES!’

You could feel the energy at CSP’s conference in Birmingham as Founders’ lecturer Emma Stokes inspired everyone with her passion for physiotherapy – and about how saying ‘yes’ to opportunities can lead you along paths you’d never imagined possible.

Of course, not everyone gets the chance to become a university professor or vice-president of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy as Dr Stokes has.

But we do all have a chance to make a difference, even in a modest way.

As ever, Frontline aims to help you make a difference in whatever way you can.

Maybe a feature will inspire you to try a new clinical approach. Or you’ll decide to get involved in tackling some tricky employment issues.

Physios like Dr Stokes might even inspire you to apply for a job you thought was one rung too high on your career ladder.

Whatever you do, every little helps.

So why not put next year’s conference dates, Friday 10 and Saturday 11 October 2014, in your diary now?

Find out for yourself what it’s like to be there in person!

Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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