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Graduate physio Arun Pall says positivity is key when job hunting this summer

So your results are out, you have returned your library books and said goodbye to colleagues and staff. Now what? After the ‘high-fives’ with your fellow students and the ‘congratulations’ from friends and family, you realise you are now a fully qualified physiotherapist.

There are a few things you can do to kick-start your career. First is to complete forms such as those for Health Professions Council (HPC) registration and CSP membership. Then start job hunting: signing up to NHS Jobs ( and registering for your relevant English SHA talent pool and with Job Escalator ( will all put you in the right direction.

It’s important when applying for a job to tailor the application to the position. Build on the job specifications, location and specialist services. For example, mention services they offer that you admire or a past placement you may have had there. This could make your application stand out and give you a shot at an interview.

If you do get an interview, there are many things a graduate can do to make the best impression.

Here are some I’ve been doing:

  • Consolidate your learning: make annotated study cards of the key areas of physiotherapy.
  • Practise interviews with others: in order to make progress you need to practise and reflect.
  • Contact potential employers: write, visit, email, phone (all respectfully).
  • Continue CPD: a colleague of mine shadowed a MSK physiotherapist observing different manual techniques.
  • Be positive: remain optimistic and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Some student members have expressed concerns about their future and the scarcity of jobs. We need to shout out about our physiotherapy services by demonstrating our diverse and unique skills. I see this as a chance to convert barriers into potential opportunities.

Good luck!

Arun Pall was Student Rep to CSP Council 2010/2011

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