Burning Question - Am I entitled to a day off for the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday?

The position is different between the four countries for NHS employees.

NHS employers in Northern Ireland have agreed to pay the normal bank holiday rates of pay to staff who are required to work on 4 June.

NHS staff in Scotland and Wales required to work will be paid at the normal Tuesday rate but given a day off in lieu.

For NHS staff in England, payment will be decided by unions and management at local level.

The CSP believes that 4 June has been designated a public holiday by the government and that NHS staff are entitled to appropriate time off and rates of pay as outlined in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook.

For CSP members employed outside the NHS, entitlement to the extra bank holiday will depend on the wording of their individual contract of employment.

This is intended as general information only and does not replace individual advice

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