Back-care plan wins £250,000 on BBC’s The Apprentice show

An idea to reduce back pain at work – and therefore sick leave - saw inventor Tom Pellereau named winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice 2011 last month.

But instead of chairs, he is likely to end up selling nail files.

Mr Pellereau’s inventiveness won him a place as a business partner to businessman Alan Sugar, the TV show’s host, with an investment of £250,000 in his idea.

A UK-wide survey of over 2,000 employees by the CSP last year found that 46 per cent of workers experienced pain due to working in the same position for a long time.

‘The CSP’s Move for Health campaign has presented consistent evidence that health and well-being initiatives reduce sickness absence and improve productivity,’ says James Hale, CSP marketing and communications director.

‘The provision of good quality, well designed office furniture is an essential factor in helping to avoid pain and discomfort at work.’

Mr Pellereau’s business plan was to provide seating assessments and sell specially designed chairs. But though Lord Sugar liked his style, he wasn’t so interested in the backcare proposal.

Instead he is likely to back production of one of Mr Pellereau’s earlier inventions: a curved nail file.

Robert Millett

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