Advice line - tough times for members outside the NHS

The pay and conditions of CSP members working outside the NHS are spotlighted by Neil Lark.

Times are tough for members wherever they work. And that includes physiotherapy staff employed outside the NHS.

In Spring 2013 we conducted an online survey among 8,900 CSP members who have told us they are working outside the NHS, for private practitioners, independent providers, charities, local government, in education and for the Ministry of Defence.

This found that just 18 per cent received a pay rise last year, a third got one in 2012 and 12 per cent in 2011.

The survey also found that just under half regularly work hours over and above those stipulated in their contracts, and of these members just a third said this overtime was not compensated in any way.  

Furthermore, just half said their employer provided occupational sick pay above the statutory minima. And as for accessing identified continuing professional development activities, less than half reported they were fully funded by their employer.

Not all things have deteriorated. Despite the grim picture on pay, respondents indicated they were waiting less time for a pay rise than in 2011, when we last polled them on the matter.

A higher proportion said they were working for employers offering sick pay provisions above the legal minima. And more members are now aware of staff consultation mechanisms over pay and terms and conditions in their workplace than two years earlier.

However, the survey pointed to an expansion in unpaid overtime.

For our younger members times are particularly tough. More members aged from 21 to 30 have been denied a pay rise for longer than any other age group. And just four in 10 say their employer contributes to their occupational pension compared to around three quarters for members aged from 41 to 65.

The CSP recommends CSP members employed outside the NHS take a look at the survey, which can help you compare your benefits package with colleagues in the NHS (overall levels of basic pay, it should be noted, are comparable with the NHS), and to get the best deal in your workplace.

The CSP is committed to supporting all its members.

If you are in urgent need of support, contact the enquiry handling unit.
Tel: 020 7306 6666. Download the survey report at:
Neil Lark is a CSP senior negotiating officer

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