Advice line: the Physiotherapy Works programme

Kirsten Bradbury, assistant director of Physiotherapy Works, explains the objectives of the programme.

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In 2014 the CSP’s Charitable Trust funded for a three-year programme called Physiotherapy Works.
This aims to increase access to quality physiotherapy services in traditional settings and promote new areas of practice in the UK by improving awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy.
It also aims to increase health and social care decision-makers’ understanding of physiotherapy as a cost-effective solution that can meet the challenges they face.
The work falls into three main areas:

  1. To be able to influence decision-makers and raise awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy, we need strong evidence.

    Physio staff have to be able to demonstrate the benefits and potential savings that physiotherapy can achieve. The Physiotherapy Works evidence briefings already cover 26 topics.

    We are adding tools to help demonstrate that physiotherapy is a cost-effective solution to today’s healthcare challenges.

    We are also developing tools and guidance in the areas of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hip fracture rehabilitation and the cost of physiotherapists working in primary care.
  2. The CSP wants to help more members take on leadership roles and behaviours. We will complete research and consultation on leadership topics and begin new projects.

    These include physiotherapy leadership training focused on members’ needs, a mentoring service and signposting opportunities in leadership.

    We will soon be releasing new web pages focused on leadership with CSP resources on this broad topic.
  3. As a profession we need to raise awareness about what physiotherapy can achieve, both to the public and to decision-makers.
Kirsten Bradbury assistant director, Physiotherapy Works

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