Advice line: the CSP has much to offer students

The CSP has much to offer students and many ways to get involved, says Steve Tolan

You may have first heard about the CSP when researching university courses. Or you may have heard about it from other students – CSP student reps, perhaps. Or you may have heard about it in a teaching session. The question is, when you choose to become a member, how do you make the most of that opportunity? 

The CSP has many tangible benefits and offers, whether that is the peace of mind of professional liability insurance or the discounts available via CSP Plus. Most of you will already be enjoying the advantage of attending a CSP quality-assured course. 

Most importantly, the CSP is a community with a shared purpose – to transform lives, maximise independence and empower populations. 

There are CSP staff across the UK who provide support for whatever setting members are in – but this is an organisation that thrives because of the leadership and involvement of its member community. 

As a student, you could choose to put yourself forward for a formal role with the student executive committee, or look to attend your nearest regional network or country board meeting, both to network and for extracurricular continuing professional development. You could volunteer and attend our national conference Physiotherapy UK (this year’sis next month) or sign up to be involved in a CSP campaign. 

These opportunities to share, network and learn beyond your day-to-day context will add value across your physiotherapy career. 

And there is an exciting development for 2018-19. The CSP is establishing closer links with many local physiotherapy societies in universities. These student-led local groups have  been making valuable contributions to university student experiences and the CSP will be working to support and enhance those experiences. 

This is an exciting and fulfilling profession to join and you can’t predict the direction your career will take you. But the CSP community will be alongside you throughout your journey. 

  • Steve Tolan is the  CSP’s head of practice

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