1% pay rise is real terms pay cut, says CSP

NHS staff in the UK will see their pay rise by just one per cent from 1 April, the government announced in mid-March.

A one per cent pay increase after a two-year pay freeze alongside increases in pension contributions still means a pay cut, said CSP assistant director of employment relations and union services Peter Finch.

‘It does little to restore our members’ earnings to the level before the pay freeze.’ Inflation has been running at between 2.8 and 5.2 per cent since the freeze was imposed in April 2011.

‘The one per cent increase equates to £5.66 a week for someone on the mid-point of band 6 – enough for a pack of sausages, loaf of bread and two pints of milk.

Mr Finch added: ‘NHS Employers need to realise that continuing a pay freeze, a real terms cut in pay, year after year, will further damage morale and motivation which has a real impact on patient care.’

The rise confirms the pay policy uneiled by the government in September 2011.

Gary Henson

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