Webinar: Headaches & Migraines - Diagnostic Workshop & Evidence Base

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How can you refine the skills and knowhow for safe evaluation and accurate diagnosis of headaches? Find out in this introduction by Mrs Helena Bridge, an experienced osteopath and lecturer currently completing a Master's in Pain and Headache Management. She will be clarifying head pain referral patterns, headache causation and classification, and then interactively facilitating discussions on when to refer patients on for further investigation.

Drawing on recent advances in headache science, Helena will be using a mechanism-based approach to explain the physiological changes which cause the headaches we commonly see in practice, and then looking at the evidence base for our treatments.

Helena will also cover standard classification of headaches which should be managed in primary care, covering current guidelines on diagnostic workup and treatment methods, and touching on psychological co-morbidities which affect our success rates in manual therapy.

Lastly, there will be an interactive headache diagnosis game in small groups, followed by an open discussion of answers, a prize for the best group and a Q&A session. 


  • Referred head and neck pain patterns
  • Mechanism-based understanding of physiological changes which cause headaches
  • Primary and secondary headaches commonly encountered in our practices, classified according to the International Classification of Headache disorders (ICHD-3)
  • Evidence base for manual therapies in headache treatments
  • Current headache management guidelines according to BASH, NICE, EHF and NHS England
  • Headache diagnosis game in groups with a discussion of the answers & prizes for the best groups

What's included:

Access to the webinar (via email), a 2 hour interactive talk, speakers' slides, a live recording of the talk and a Certificate of Attendance.