ONLINE Acupuncture in Chronic Pain Course

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Course – online

Learn at your own speed and at your own venue! This online delivered course consists of over 4 1/2 hours of presentation, case studies and acupuncture point database- including needling videos.

A great way to refine your clinical reasoning and treatments for patients with chronic pain. Also can be used as a good refresher, as it recaps the mechanisms of acupuncture succinctly.

Equivalent to 6 hours of CPD, and you can watch it as many times as you want over 60 days!

Recent feedback from students:

"Good, in-depth refresher on pain pathways, but put in an easily relatable form"

"I really enjoyed the lectures. The CM section actually started to make some sense to me!"

"I like the fact that I can re-watch the lectures as many times as I like over the next 60 days."

"The sleep pattern was particularly helpful, as pain always springs to mind but the other factors were obvious once you stated them, but easy to forget"

"I love the integration of western to eastern methods"