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9am - 5pm
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Richmond Adult Community College,Parkshot, London TW9 2RE

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Want to improve your  practice?
Streamline treatment with Kinetic Control's powerful retraining programme The Movement Solution One

With just 15 days of intensive training to put movement into your practice - this is our specially developed fast track route to mastering the KC process; giving you the skills to assess for, classify and manage movement control impairments.

Recently updated, the module is full of new material based on current research - the perfect route to become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist.

You will become an expert in the diagnosis, classification and motor control retraining of uncontrolled movement at the lumbar spine, hip, cervical spine and shoulder girdle

Learn the skills to find the all-important link between movement impairments, symptoms, disability, activity restrictions and neurophysiological changes

The quickest and most efficient way to enhance your service delivery

Become fully equipped to put the latest research findings into practice

This is a hugely popular course so we recommend early booking.

2018 dates for the London, UK course are:

Part 1: 12 - 16 March 2018

Part 2: 4 - 8 June 2018

Part 3: 12 - 16 November 2018