Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties - ONLINE COURSE

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Course – online

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NCORE (National Centre of Rehabilitation Education)

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Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties - ONLINE COURSE

Date:  21st September 2022

Course delivered live and online via Zoom; sessions not recorded.

Trainer:  Alison Neal


This course will give an introduction to sensory processing difficulties. It will provide an understanding of the sensory systems, how poor processing might affect your clients and how to start to make changes to help them.


    The day will cover:

    • The 8 senses considered in sensory processing assessment.
    • How the way we process information from these underpins the way we behave and function in daily life.
    • A brief explanation of the neuroscience behind sensory processing theory and interventions.
    • Experiential tasks to understand how sensory processing difficulties may affect people and consider the range of difficulties people may present with.
    • Discussion on the range of interventions that can be offered and the difference between sensory strategies, sensory diets and sensory integration therapy.
    • Opportunities to look at commonly used sensory equipment and consider how it might benefit people.
    • Case studies to illustrate what sensory processing problems might look like.
    • What a sensory assessment would look like and the training required to be able to carry this out.


    Learning Outcomes

    • How people with sensory processing difficulties respond differently, including over and under responses to sensations, discriminating between sensations and our ability to plan complex movements and move in a coordinated way.
    • How sensory processing differences affect our behaviour, our emotions and our ability to interact.
    • How to use simple strategies and adapt the environment to help your clients manage their sensory processing needs.


    Who will Benefit

    This course is suitable for therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, carers. This course will not equip you to carry out a sensory assessment but will provide an understanding and awareness of sensory processing. This course has a paediatric focus but is also suitable for these working with adults who wish to gain a basic understanding.


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      • Attendance Certificate: Yes
      • CPD Hours: 7



      • £160