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Within this specialist online course, Dr. Carl Clarkson covers the application of acupuncture in a specific field

Spanning over THIRTY lessons across SIX chapters, a wealth of clinical and research experience is deftly combined with practical demonstrations, case studies, multi-choice quizzes and handouts to ensure you have everything you could possibly need to help advance your acupuncture needling techniques and clinical reasoning.


Establishing safety in needling 

Presentation 1 talks you through contraindications and precautions, followed by a multi-choice quiz to consolidate your learning

Presentation 2 takes you through adverse events, and how to best deal with them, followed by a multi-choice quiz to ensure you know what to do!


Here, there are several short videos outlining some of the fundamentals related to acupuncture practice:

Needling basics - needle insertion, depth of insertion, when to use different sized needles

Clinical reasoning - learn the foundations to TCM and Western reasoning

Establishing the role of acupuncture - when to use it (HINT: always with other interventions!)

Pain physiology - An easy to follow demonstration of pain physiology, and how acupuncture can influence immediate pain relief

Content Specific Chapters

The foucs will depend on which course you book onto, but all chapters will include:

Short, sharp videos perfect for busy professionals.

  • Prominent meridians that cover the area
  • Needling techniques for prominent acupoints
  • Acupoint recipes 
  • Condition specific case study
  • Multi-choice quiz to cement your understanding