Exploring Gait as it relates to Posture & Balance for Therapy Assistants & TI's

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Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, Derby.

London Road
United Kingdom

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NCORE (National Centre of Rehabilitation Education)

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Exploring Gait as it relates to Posture & Balance for Therapy Assistants & TI's

Date:  5th December 2022

Venue:  Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, London Road, Derby DE1 2QY.

Trainer:  Erica Malcolm MCSP

Specialist Neurological Therapy Services (SNTS)

Consultant To and Founder of Physio Where You Are

Specialist Mobile Neurological Therapy Team


This course is looking at gait analysis in the normal adult and exploring how efficiencies/compensatory strategies will impact on the gait pattern.

The course will analyse gait through observation and handling (as is the norm in the clinical setting). It is aimed at therapy assistants and technical instructors working with adults with acquired neurological damage.


    Course Aims

    • To provide an outline for gait analysis in the neurological patient in the clinical setting
    • To develop a clinical reasoning process to know how to handle during gait
    • To develop an ability to facilitate gait


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the course the participant should be able to:

    • Briefly assess gait in the clinical setting
    • Give clinical reasons for which aspects of gait might need changing & why
    • Demonstrate the ability to alter aspects of the gait pattern through facilitation


    Attendance Information

    • Attendance Certificate: Yes



    • £130



    - Review anatomy of lower limbs

    - Review any gait analysis text of choice