Explain Pain - ONLINE COURSE

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Course – online

Event Organiser

NCORE (National Centre of Rehabilitation Education)

01332 254679



When:  14th & 15th March 2023

Duration:  2 Days 

Where:   ONLINE

In the new series of Explain Pain courses delivered by NOI teams around the world, cutting edge pain sciences are made accessible and understandable for all. The sciences are turned into metaphor and descriptive narratives, all on a framework of conceptual change science and the philosophy of emergence. 

Course Aims

  • To expand the clinical framework of rehabilitation via the paradigms of neuromatrix and pain mechanisms.
  • To teach biologically based pain management skills under a framework of the sciences of clinical reasoning and evidence from clinical trials, neurobiology and education research.
  • To reconceptualise pain in terms of modern neuroscience and philosophy.
  • To stimulate an urgent reappraisal of current thinking in rehabilitation, with benefits for all stakeholders in clinical outcomes - the patient, the therapist, the referrer and the payer.
  • To teach the core pain management skills of neuroscience education.

CPD: 15 hours.  Fee: £295

Contact:  NCORE (National Centre of Rehabilitation Education)   uhdb.ncore@nhs.net   01332 254679