Course One slot Two: Assessment, Measurement and the Multidisciplinary Approach (online course)

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Assessment, Measurement and the Multidisciplinary Approach aims to provide you with an opportunity to examine, challenge and update your understanding of assessment and measurement of pain in clinical practice.

Assessment and Measurement are key to the effective management of pain and often provide the fundamental first steps for patient-professional interaction. Barriers and difficulties in assessment and measurement are explored as are the current models of best practice. The course is fully online and runs for five weeks.

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Course Aims and Objectives
This course aims to provide you an opportunity to consider:

  • the relevance and advantages of measuring pain
  • the differences between assessment and measurement
  • the domains of assessment and measurement and their relevance to clinical practice
  • the standard classification systems used in clinical practice
  • the processes involved in the selection of assessment and measurement tools
  • the subjectivity in pain measurement
  • the reliability, validity and limitations of the measurement tools
  • the assessment and measurement of pain in special populations
  • the critical evaluation of pain measurement tools
  • the limitations of assessment and measurement

The content of this course has been chosen and structured as an introduction to assessment and measurement in a multidisciplinary context. The content consists of five units of study in total – one per week:
1. What is Measurement?
2. Subjectivity in Measurement
3. A critical Approach to Measuring Pain
4. Measures and Assessment of the Psychosocial Effects of Pain
5. Limitations and Barriers in Pain Assessment

*Please note that whilst the content of the courses is set in advance, we do reserve the rightto make minor amendments to the course material as and when necessary.

Deadline for applications: 25/10/21