Course One: Pain - A Multidimensional Phenomenon (online course)

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Pain – A Multidimensional Phenomena will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the topic of pain management and the aim is to provide you with an opportunity to explore the core concepts that guide your professional practice.

You are asked to consider historical and philosophical models of pain and we examine the incidence of pain in general populations. We introduce the concept of pain as a biopsychosocial construct and students explore pertinent professional and ethical issues. You will reflect on the pain phenomenon from a multi-disciplinary team perspective and the interrelationship between various paradigms of health and illness are outlined. We introduce the topic of pain assessment and measurement.

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Course Aims and Objectives
This course aims to provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Critically evaluate the definitions, models and concepts of pain management and their relationship to your own professional practice
  • Recognise and interpret barriers to effective pain management
  • Consider the value of epidemiological research in the field of pain management
  • Review the ethical issues inherent in pain research and practice

There are five units in total – divided into 5 weeks of course content as follows
1. History and Concepts of Pain
2. Epidemiology of Pain
3. The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain
4. Ethical Standards in Pain Research and Management
5. Pain Management Programmes and Introduction to Measurement

*Please note that whilst the content of the courses is set in advance, we do reserve the right to make minor amendments to the course material as necessary.

Deadline for applications: 13/09/21