APPI Rehabilitation Pilates Matwork Level 3 - Intermediate & Advanced

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Florence Nightingale Community Hospital

London Road
United Kingdom

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NCORE (National Centre of Rehabilitation Education)

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APPI Rehabilitation Pilates

Matwork Level 3 - Intermediate & Advanced


The third and final level in the matwork Pilates training series which focuses on the intermediate and advanced movements in the APPI repertoire.


This two day course builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing and exercise selection from Matwork Level One. The conversion from beginner to more advanced movements will facilitate the unique shift from just stability to strength and conditioning. This progression from rehabilitation to full health and fitness is a crucial process to achieve your clients' goals of a full recovery.


Beyond just rehabilitation, the APPI Pilates programme is a career changing process. This final course in the series allows you to be competent in working not just with injured clients, but to begin the transition to fitness classes, preventative programmes, and a new career avenue as a fully trained Pilates Instructor (on completion of the Matwork exam).

  • Effective cueing skills including verbal, visual and tactile teaching elements, pain, pathology and function.
  • Thirty movements for training lumbo-pelvic, scapulo-thoracic, cervical stabilization and spinal mobilisation.
  • Strengthening of the global muscular system
  • Practice teaching and observation
  • Review case studies, design and discuss treatment plans.


In order to attend this course you must have completed APPI Pilates Matwork Level One and Two.


CPD: 16 hours


Fee: £349

Limited funded places may be available for AHPs & Nurses working for the NHS within the East Midlands.


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