Acupuncture for Chronic Pain ONLINE COURSE

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Justine Munur


Learn at your own speed and at your own venue! This online delivered course consists of over 4 1/2 hours of presentation, case studies and acupuncture point database including needling videos.

A great way to refine your clinical reasoning and treatments for patients with chronic pain. Also can be used as a good refresher, as it recaps the mechanisms of acupuncture succinctly.

Chapter 1 = Introduction to pain, “simple’ chronic pain presentations, local and segmental effects of acupuncture (min time. 1 hour 20 minutes)
Chapter 2 = Supraspinal changes in chronic pain, supraspinal effects of acupuncture (min time. 55 mins)
Chapter 3 = Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine refresher (min time 1 hour 15 mins)
Chapter 4 = Acupuncture for chronic pain associated symptoms (min time 45 mins)

Equivalent to 6 hours of CPD, certificate supplied upon completion