SNOMED CT subsets

Year published: 2016

SNOMED CT is the world’s most comprehensive terminology for electronic health information – it underpins the EHR by allowing information to be recorded using the same language.

This has multiple benefits, allowing clinicians to record and compare interventions across organisations and sectors, supporting more effective analysis of data and research, and importantly its use improves patient safety and supports clinical decision making.

The Society has started a long term project to support physiotherapists in the use of SNOMED CT subsets. The first subsets have now been developed and published and are designed for use to underpin the EHR in any clinical setting.

The following subsets were released in April 2016:

  • Deformity of spine findings
  • Joint movement findings
  • Mobility findings
  • Musculoskeletal reflex findings
  • Pain aggravating factors
  • Pain easing factors
  • Posture findings
  • Spine movement findings
  • Transfer ability findings
  • Wound integrity findings

The subsets and supporting guidance can be found in this document, as well as the links to the full SNOMED CT repository hosted by the Health and Social Care Information Centre via the Data Dictionary for Care (DD4C).

The CSP welcomes feedback on any of its SNOMED CT subsets based on review and usage so that the subsets can remain up to date and implementable. It also welcomes contact from those who might wish to participate in evaluation and review of SNOMED CT subsets in development. If you wish to participate or have any feedback then please email Sue Hayward-Giles.

The CSP will continue working with members to develop further subsets, however recognising that many clinicians are not yet using EHRs the following information outlines the CSP’s position on the use of short forms.

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