Hip fracture standard 4: XLS

All patients receive at least two hours of rehabilitation per week in the subsequent weeks post hip surgery, until they have reached their goals.

This data is not captured by the NHFD. We have created this audit tool for you to use to identify how much rehab patients get in the subsequent weeks after hip # surgery. Patients should remain under the care of a physiotherapy team until the have reached their goals, but may undertake their rehab either individually, in groups, or as part of an unsupervised home exercise programme that is monitored by the team.

Any member of the physiotherapy team may provide the identified rehab intervention. You should ensure that each rehab session includes domains of range of movement exercise, strength & balance training, transfers, walking and functional ability as appropriate to the stage of recovery and patient ability. An appropriate outcome measure is used to measure progress against each rehab goal. For patients who are not able to reach their pre-fracture activity levels, have the clinical reason for this documented after an appropriate MDT assessment.

There is a specific strength and balance training programme in place for patients at low-moderate risk of falls.

There is a specific multifactoral programme in place, including strength and balance training, for patients at high risk of falls.

For patients that do not receive two-hours of rehab in each subsequent week, a clear record is made of any clinical reasons why not, together with a clear physiotherapy action plan with timescales, to manage the clinical conditions, to seek to enable rehab.

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