The falls prevention economic model

Year published: 2014

The CSP's Falls Prevention Economic Model was originally published in 2014 and has been fully revised in 2016.

Find out how much physiotherapy can save on the cost of falls webpage

Download the complete falls prevention economic model below to show how preventative physiotherapy saves money when planning care for older people.

The model has been developed with Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support, to help you support a business case for investment in physiotherapy to prevent falls.

Also included are

  • A detailed ‘how to’ guide
  • A document containing case studies which illustrate how the data can be used to support your use of the model
  • Two background briefings on the value of physiotherapy in reducing falls and in treating Parkinson's, put together by Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support (YHCS)

When you open the model, make sure that you enable macros when asked.


Download xls 1.62 MB