A Journey Through Leadership Using Empathy - Linking to Psychological Safety & Civility

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Date:  17th January 2024

Duration:  1 Day

Location:  ONLINE

Trainer:  Carolyn Cleveland BSc (Hons) Cert Counselling


This one day course examines, in a unique, thought-provoking and human way, the important and beneficial role empathy and emotional awareness play in inclusive leadership, staff well being, productivity and retention, and what erodes it. The day is an empathy journey that will help develop an understanding of the psychology and neuroscience of empathic and emotionally focused thinking and challenging unconscious processes. It will examine, in an authentic and honest way how our own emotions and biases influence us and our outcomes. Essential knowledge and skills, through interactive learning, will be developed to understand and cultivate personal empathy for others, balanced with personal awareness and self-care

    Learning Outcomes

    • Who are we? Evoking & developing the human connection: Recognising the practical presence and absence of empathy
    • How to identify and understand empathic and emotionally focused thinking and linking to inclusive leadership: Understanding the impact of our perceptions, emotions and belief systems on outcomes
    • Recognise 'emotional data': Observing hidden cues and perspective taking
    • Identifying the benefits of empathy and what gets in the way: Why is empathy on the decrease in the 21st century?
    • How lack of empathy in one-on-one encounters has the potential to cause psychological harm. Challenging our thinking and perceptions: Recognising the difference between empathy, sympathy and apathy - Demystifying empathy
    • How to cultivate empathy. Personal leadership responsibility and embedding into the culture: How empathy underpins business ethics and achieving an SPC (Safeguarded Personal Communication)

    Who will Benefit

    This course is suitable for anyone in healthcare and is transferable to many roles and levels from an experienced healthcare professional, wishing to expand their real-life perspective to support them in inclusive and compassionate leadership, to someone at the beginning of their career wishing to cultivate and embed this ethos in their work life for a positive cultural application.

    This thought-provoking course addresses the world of someone going through a complaint or serious incident and how to improve their emotional experience and protect against further psychological harm. At the same time, looking at our own emotional and psychological influences on our behaviour, outcomes and mental health.

      CPD Hours: 7

      Fee: £195

      Contact:  NCORE | uhdb.ncore@nhs.net  | 01332 254679 | https://www.ncore.org.uk