Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy

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Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, London Road, DERBY DE1 2QY

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Dr Vaidas Stalioraitis - Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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NCORE Training and Events

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+44 1332 254679

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Date:  Monday 15th July 2024 - Tuesday 23rd July 2024 (8 days with one rest day on 20th July 2024)

Venue:  Florence Nightingale Community Hospital, London Road, Derby, DE1 2QY

Trainer:  Dr Vaidas Stalioraitis Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


The course will cover the anatomical, physiological and functional basis to the evaluation of pain disorders of the spine. Of special interest will be clinical practice, emphasizing clinical examination, evaluation, interpretation, dif erential diagnosis and management. Evidence based practice is an essential component of the programme, but evidence can only be used when it exists at a satisfactory level of quality, and unfortunately there are still aspects of manual therapy that have not be adequately investigated.

This course emphasizes an evidence-based approach to spinal manual therapy, incorporating classif cation of spinal pain disorders and subsequent sub-category based manual therapy management strategies.

This course will be conducted in lecture, tutorial and workshop format for the clinician or academic who is interested in manual therapy, manual medicine or musculoskeletal medicine. It is anticipated that the course content will be suitable to individuals who are seeking new knowledge, to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and to those individuals seeking the stimulation of clinical interaction. Whilst the course will be presented at a high level this should not be seen as a barrier to participation for those with little or with no previous experience in this special area. As a result of attending the course it is anticipated that participants will gain personal satisfaction as in a variety of ways that will enhance their individual requirements. There are therefore no pre-requisites for participation.

    Course Aims

    At the completion of the eight-day program the participants will:

    • Be conversant in clinically relevant developments in anatomy, pathoanatomy and age related changes of the spinal column.
    • Have a clear understanding of pain mechanisms, and their clinical relevance, and gain appropriate understanding of measures to address a variety of acute, chronic, and complex pain disorders.
    • Be conversant with current evidence and clinical reasoning processes with respect to spinal manual therapy.
    • Be proficient in applying spinal joint, neural and muscle examination procedures.
    • Be proficient in determining a differential diagnosis based on an integrated examination of the joint, muscle and neural systems of the spine and pelvis.
    • Be able to formulate the most appropriate and effective manual therapy management program suitable for the assessed condition.
    • Be proficient in applying an appropriate diagnostic specific manual therapy treatment strategy incorporating manual treatment techniques and specific exercises.

    Who will Benefit

    There is no pre-requisite in terms of manual therapy experience. The programme offers a high level of information and clinical expertise, providing all participants regardless of previous clinical experience and knowledge with a stimulating learning environment.

      CPD Hours: 64

      Fee: £1,595.00

      About Vaidas
      Vaidas has over 20 years working in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2016, and his particular clinical expertise includes:
      • The management of complex back and neck pain, including headaches
      • Upper and lower limb injuries
      • Persistent musculoskeletal problems.

      Contact:  NCORE | uhdb.ncore@nhs.net  | 01332 254679 | https://www.ncore.org.uk