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Members tell the CSP's Employment Relations and Union Services (ERUS) team about some of the great support they received. Thanks for your feedback.

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Ms A recently defended my son at a disciplinary hearing and did a tremendous job under very trying circumstances. The CSP should be very proud to have such a hard-working, tenacious and caring officer on their staff. Without her, my son would have lost his job. She is a credit to her profession.

My CSP rep has been a massive support in getting me back to work. I am so grateful for her as she is a very friendly and genuine person who has done exactly what she said she would and has worked very efficiently with my manager. This experience has increased my confidence in using reps in the future.

Just to let you know that the HCPC have reviewed my case and I have received notification that they have decided I have no case to answer. Thank you so much for your support and expertise in helping send my response, hopefully I will not have to enlist your services again.

Thank you for your services of help to me in your role as senior negotiating officer to guide me through my recent conflict at work regarding the Capability Procedures my employer has been subjecting me to. You were fantastic support throughout the whole situation, providing professional guidance and a profound knowledge of exactly what sort of services and support I should be entitled to from my employer and from external services such as Jobcentreplus.

When you provided me with all this knowledge and support it gave me a much needed boost to my confidence and the ability to appropriately defend myself where my employer was in the wrong and where they weren't following procedures fairly with me.

As anyone in a similar situation as myself will be able to say it is a challenging and unpleasant experience to be put through, but you were able to steer a clear path of action and help me to establish and prioritise the points that I used at the meetings with my employer.

If I ever need advice or your help again in the future I won't hesitate to contact you as I feel confident that it would be again only be excellent. Also I would fully recommendation using your services to anyone else in a similar situation to me in the future. With sincere thanks and best wishes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the help afforded to me by yourself and the CSP when I found myself in trouble at work. I certainly never expected to find myself facing disciplinary action in my role as physiotherapist, but life has a way of throwing curve balls which can catch one nastily unprepared.

Fortunately, when this happened to me at work, I was lucky enough to have the CSP on my side. Right from the beginning I received excellent support from my CSP steward, who expertly and compassionately guided me through my suspension and subsequent investigation. Despite her busy work schedule as a physiotherapist, she always made time for me and responded promptly to any of my queries or concerns.

When the investigation determined that I would have to attend a disciplinary hearing, my case was handed to you in your capacity as SNO for the CSP. Again I found that you were very accessible and always responded quickly to any of my phone calls and emails. You were clearly very knowledgeable about the whole disciplinary process which I found very reassuring during this stressful time.

Furthermore I found you willing to go the extra mile for me, quite literally, by travelling out to my home on more than one occasion to help prepare for my hearing. On the day of the hearing you expertly and sensitively supported me through the process and I know that your expertise played a big part in the positive outcome. I hope never again to need the CSP's help for something of this nature, but I have certainly been shown quite clearly what a valuable organisation they are as a result of my recent experience.

Thank you so much for your help and support this morning. You were a real voice for me and thank you for that and your sensitivity about the whole thing. I have been getting quite bogged down and you really helped me to get a different perspective on things. I've also sent an email to my steward, she's given such a lot of help and time through this.

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