Mobile version of this site (beta)

Try out the mobile-friendly version of this website and tell us how you get on

Many people are now using mobile phones to access the CSP site – almost 8 per cent of all site visits in February 2012 were from a mobile.

It’s not always easy to move around a big site using a small screen, so we’ve developed a mobile-friendly layout to help you use all the same features of the site that you can access on a full-sized computer.

We’ve switched this on in ‘beta’ mode, meaning that we’re looking for your feedback on how it works, so we can make another round of improvements before it officially goes live.

How to use the mobile version

It’s a simple as visiting the site at the normal address – – using your web-enabled mobile phone.

The site senses you’re using a small screen and automatically rearranges the page layout, menus, text and images to fit.

The site search box sits near the top of every page, as does an expandable menu section that hides out of the way until you need it.

Tell us what you think

We’d like you to contribute to the next round of changes by telling us what works for you and what doesn’t.

We know there are features that still need tweaking, but your opinions will help us prioritise which ones to address first.

Email us at with your thoughts, maybe from your mobile!

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