Criminal defence costs cover

We are aware that a recent email from the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP) to its members has led to some misunderstandings and concern about CSP members’ PLI cover

The key points for CSP members to understand are:

  • no changes have been made to the professional liability insurance (PLI) cover provided as a benefit of CSP membership.
  • we have changed supplier of an optional criminal defence costs insurance scheme. The new supplier is Graybrook – the same company that brokers the main CSP PLI scheme.
  • if members have any questions about their cover, they should visit or contact our enquiries team on


Up until 2010, CSP members were able to receive cover for criminal defence costs through the Legal Aid scheme.

Changes to the Legal Aid scheme in 2010 meant that members in England and Wales no longer received that cover. The changes didn’t apply in Northern Ireland and Scotland and so members in those countries continue to receive cover for their criminal defence costs through Legal Aid.

Since 2010, the CSP has offered members the choice of purchasing separate criminal defence costs insurance, covering all criminal cases (not just work-related ones).

In the last few months, the provider of this optional scheme changed from Philip Williams and Company to Graybrook – the same company that provides the CSP’s professional liability insurance scheme.

Members can read more about the cover at and can purchase cover from Graybrook at costs.

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