Collecting diversity data from CSP members

Collecting member data on age, disability, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual orientation and faith.

The CSP is keen to ensure that all members are able to participate fully in its business and that barriers to participation are identified and action is taken to remove or mitigate them.

For this to happen it is important that the CSP has information about the personal characteristics of its membership so that we can monitor levels of participation. This can range from involvement as a steward or safety rep to membership of CSP Council and standing committees to attendance at ARC and Physiotherapy UK. Only by having this information can we identify under-represented groups and take action to make sure that all members have a voice.

For many years the CSP has collected information about members’ age, gender, disability and ethnic origin. As a result of motions passed at CSP Annual Representatives’ Conferences in 2014 and 2015 data is now collected on members’ sexual orientation, gender identity and faith. These questions appear on both the membership application forms and the online member profile form. All questions include the option “prefer not to say” for members who choose not to provide this information.

The CSP wishes to assure members that we are aware of the sensitive nature of this information and takes its responsibilities in ensuring strict confidentiality very seriously.

The CSP will only use the data in aggregated form to produce reports about the proportion of members self-identifying within these categories. No individual members will be identified from these reports.

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