Finding a job in the UK

Find out where you can look for jobs, and how to apply

CSP member Doreen talks about her move to the UK and how she went about finding a job

Where do I look for jobs in the UK?

There are many places and ways you can look for jobs in the UK and set up alerts to receive them directly into your inbox. 

The most frequently used are the job sites for work in the national health service.

On these site you can select the geographical area, banding or salary and you can set up an alert for any new jobs posted.

You can also look at the CSP’s job site, which will have a mixture of NHS and independent practice jobs advertised.

How do I apply and make my experience relevant to the job?

It's important to look at the job description of any role you apply for. You'll be more successful if you tailor your personal statement or CV for the specific job you are applying for.

Employers can tell when you have copied and pasted your personal statement from one application to another without editing it or studying the role you’re applying for.

I don’t get an interview, can I ask for feedback?

Absolutely, you are seeking advice into why you weren’t shortlisted for interview. This feedback can be helpful in your next application. Employers are not legally obliged to provide feedback but many will if you ask.

What if I don’t get a job after interview?

It's very common to ask for and receive feedback about your performance at interview if you are not successful.

This feedback can be helpful in giving you insight into how you could improve next time. This is how you can understand what you did well and what you need to improve on. Employers are not obliged to give you feedback but many will.

If you are refused feedback, you can make a freedom of information request to see the notes made at interview which will give you an idea of where you did well and where you can improve.

I didn’t get the job after an interview. What are the things that I should be concerned about when receiving feedback about why I didn’t get the job?

Sometimes feedback about why you didn’t get a job can raise some alarm bells to potentially unjustified reasons for you not being successful. If you are concerned about this you can contact the CSP for more advice.

For example, it would be inappropriate for an employer to say:  'I don’t see you as a part of this team' or 'your face just doesn’t fit'.

However, it would be reasonable for an employer to say that your level of experience is not suitable for the job you have applied for or that there was another candidate with more experience than you.

General advice about applying for jobs

  • Look at the job description and tailor your personal statement or CV accordingly
  • Ask for feedback on why you weren’t shortlisted for interview or successful at interview
  • If you are successful at interview, carefully check your contract before signing and ensure it describes the job you thought you had applied for, along with any restrictions that may be imposed on your practice, as and when you leave the job.
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