Anticipatory Care - response to service specification consultation

Year published: 2020

As part of the next phase of rolling out the long term plan, NHS England consulted on 5 service specifications.  Each sets out important changes to the delivery of primary and community services from April 2020, with implications for physiotherapy.  Read the highlights and download full response.

The CSP has highlighted: 
•    The potential for Community Rehabilitation MDTs to provide Anticipatory Care for people with complex needs and multiple long term conditions, if capacity is increased through staffing and new ways of working 
•    The role for FCPs to identify and refer patients who would benefit from Anticipatory Care services
•    The need for Community Rehabilitation teams delivering Anticipatory Care to have clear referral and information sharing routes with specialist rehabilitation, such as pelvic health physios, neuro rehab teams, oncology rehab teams and pulmonary and cardio rehab. 
•    The need for Anticipatory Care services to address the rehabilitation needs of working age adults, which is currently missing
•    The importance of involving physiotherapist leaders and managers in community as a key stakeholder for PCNs to engage with at an early stage about redesigning services in partnership 
•    The need to fully utilise the forthcoming Community Rehabilitation Toolkit from NHS Rightcare. 

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