CSP commendations - terms and conditions

Before you make a nomination, please read the terms and conditions

1. Nominations

a) Any CSP member or staff member can make nominations.

b) Nominations must be for a significant contribution to supporting the work of the CSP or promoting physiotherapy. This may include a significant contribution involving:

  • serving on a CSP network, branch or board
  • recruiting members to the CSP
  • championing equity, diversity and belonging for CSP members or their patients
  • influencing on behalf of the profession
  • being an advocate for physiotherapy if not a physio
  • acting as a spokesperson for the profession
  • representing the profession on external bodies
  • representing members in the workplace or at university
  • promoting professional excellence in any pillar of practice.

c) Non-members of the CSP may be nominated to receive a commendation. 

d) Self-nomination is allowed for CSP members but not for non members 

e) Nominations must be submitted through the nomination form.

2. Judging

a) The CSP director or directors responsible for the strategic aim to which the nomination relates (noting here may be more than one) will determine whether to make the award or not.

b) Their decision is final.

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