The support you get from CSP

Becoming a Council Member is a fantastic development opportunity

The nominations for the 2021 Council elections are now closed, but there will be six Council seats up for election in 2022.

You will have the opportunity to learn and develop and bring back knowledge and experience to your own career.  You will receive continuous support from the CSP governance team, directors and CEO to increase your exposure to the work of the CSP and develop your knowledge. You will also be buddied up with continuing Council members for additional support as part of your induction.

You will receive a full induction and continued development while in the role – including an understanding of organisational governance, finance training for successful fiscal management and risk management.

As well as this, you'll:

  • increase your knowledge of the profession its scope, diversity and potential;
  • gain experience of team working at board level – with networking and access to other board and leadership opportunities;
  • gain experience of strategic decision making thinking innovatively about the evolving healthcare environment and helping to shape the future of the CSP;
  • enhance your communication skills acting as a representative and influential voice for the profession and collaborative working with partner organisations; and
  • develop your policy decision-making, governance and leadership skills.

Through supported development we have continually challenged ourselves and reflected, growing into an innovative and highly engaged team who strive to do our best for members, the society and the profession.

Katie Wilkie, specialist physiotherapist
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