The purpose of Council

Its purpose is to provide leadership of the physiotherapy profession and governance of the CSP, and it is accountable to members for its actions and decisions.

Our Council, like all governing bodies, is responsible for setting the strategy for the organisation and making sure it’s doing what it should be doing.

Council is supported by three strategic committees:

  • Finance, Risk and Audit Committee – which advises Council on financial, organisational risk and audit issues affecting the CSP.
  • Employment Committee – which advises Council on strategic employment matters affecting employed CSP members at work
  • Professional Committee – which provides expertise and insight on significant physiotherapy practice, learning and development issues

A message from the Chair of Council


Alex MacKenzie, Chair, clinical lead in acute physiotherapy at NHS Grampian

'I stood for Council to see through the changes to the governance structures. I was chair of the review group and was keen to see the implementation of the ideas that members had agreed.

'My highlight has been the implementation of those changes and the cultural change that went with them. Each Council member is representing the whole profession, all have gone out of their way to talk with and understand groups and members not from their sphere of physiotherapy, and we’ve been to at least one Country Board meeting.

'With the 2020 strategy, we consulted the whole membership before agreeing the final outcome. I believe this will make the CSP stronger going forward as it brings the whole profession front and centre of decisions.'

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